ICE Sanex


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  • Description

    ICE Sanex is a compact sanitiser, extremely handy and suitable for sanitising rooms and surfaces. Ideal for sanitising and deodorising indoor environments in any sector, it can also be used for vehicle interiors and air conditioning ducts.

    ICE Sanex is a machine that adapts to different needs, in fact, it can be used with sanitising, disinfectant or deodorant solutions.

    Detergents are nebulised to last longer and are evenly distributed in the air of the environment to be treated. In this way all the surfaces that are present in that environment can be reached and sanitised.

    The ICE Sanex produces an atomised mist of disinfectant particles of a very small size - approximately 8 microns - which are evenly distributed throughout the space and settle on surfaces, sanitizing them effectively.

    The decomposition of the chemical product into such small dimensions allows the evaporation of the dispensed product, which therefore passes from the liquid to the aeriform state. In one minute about 30 gr of specific sanitising product are dispensed.

  • Technical Information
    Compressor Power 350 W
    Voltage 230 V
    Product Consumption 30/1 gr/min
    Run time 3 hrs
    Power 600 W
    Tank Capacity 5 Ltr
    Pump Nozzle 20 W
    Weight 18 Kg
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 72 x 34 x 64 cm