What are the payment options?

All the machines can be purchased outright via PayPal or credit card. Rentals are also available over long or short term agreements. Maintenance agreements with rentals or leasing are also available on all refurbished machines.

Pro forma invoices and quotes are available on request.

How long will it take to have the machine delivered?

We aim to have all machines dispatched within 2 working days of payment and delivery is usually within two to three days. Larger machines may take longer to be prepared and possibly specific parts may need to be ordered for your needs. You will be kept informed of progress.

What is the returns policy on a machine?

ICE Direct offer a 28 day return, repair or replace policy.

How long can I rent a machine for?

ICE Direct can rent the equipment to you on a long or short term basis. Please get in touch so we can discuss your specific needs.

What detergent can I use in a scrubber dryer?

Many different detergents can be used in a scrubber dryer, it will depend on the environment in which you are working. It is good practice not to go beyond the percentage mixture set out by the chemical manufacturer’s guidance and to rinse the machines after use so that the chemical does not clog up the filters or any other areas.

Is equipment training available?

Our dedicated Prime Team will provide full training on all refurbished machines. Top up training is available free of charge also, and instant training requirements are supported through the ICE Training App.


What is included if I hire from you?

  • Full Training is included in each hire
  • Full breakdown cover
  • On longer term hires 1 services or more is included each year depending on the machine hired annum
  • Please contact our hire team for more information.

How can I make payment for my hire?

You can apply to open a Credit Account or alternatively payment can be made via Credit / Debit card prior to your hire. If payment is made via Credit / Debit card a deposit will be required which is fully refundable at the end of the hire period. Pedestrian Machine will require a £100 deposit. Ride on Machines will require a £200 deposit for short term hires.

How long will it take to obtain a quote?

We like to quote as promptly as possible when online we can quote within 60 minutes (weekdays). If you should need a quicker response, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0844 225 1385.


If there is an issue with the machine during the hire, what should I do?

If there was an issue during the hire you can call our customer support line on 0844 225 1385 for help and support. If a call out was required, we endeavour to have an engineer on site within 48 hours of the initial call. If the machine cannot be repaired an exchange machine will be delivered within 48 hours of engineers confirmation of a loan machine being required. (Excludes Damage, Misuse or Abuse.)


How do I confirm collection off the equipment after the completion of the hire?

You will need to contact us and confirm that the machine will be coming of hire at least 48 hours prior to the day you want the hire to end. To avoid our collection team incurring costs that will be sent on too you. The collections team will give you a call reference number once the collection has been confirmed.

What can I expect upon delivery?

The majority of our hire machines are delivered by one of our Prime team. The machine will have been serviced and washed and fully charged for your hire. The Driver/Demonstrator will provide full training for your operative and give all the details for daily and routine maintenance.

How quickly can I expect delivery?

We can normally deliver to your site within 24 / 48 hours of receiving payment for your order.

How much are we charged if my hire goes over the initial week?

Each working day after the initial week the hire charged at 20% of the weekly hire rate.

Do you charge for bank holidays?

All hires are chargeable over the bank holiday periods as per Terms and Conditions.