What should you look for when buying a carpet cleaner?

If you are the owner or manager of a large area – an office block, a retail centre, a commercial unit or an event venue – you should certainly consider buying or hiring a large scale industrial carpet cleaner. A workspace or retail area means heavy footfall and keeping it clean is a challenge. Commercial carpet cleaners are the answer. An industrial hoover can be bought or rented, either long or short term, but as technology moves along at a cracking rate, the choice becomes greater. However a vast selection brings with it even more decisions. And these decisions are not easy to make if you’re a novice in the industrial cleaning equipment game.

The team at Industrial Cleaning Equipment (or ICE as we like to be known) can help you decide what the best commercial carpet cleaner is for your business.

  • Make sure you go for a robust and heavy-duty carpet cleaner that thrives in high traffic areas. It should feel sturdy and firm to hold and use. Select one that is mounted on a 2-wheel system with a long hose and handy upholstery tool to help you reach difficult corners.
  • The recovery tank and solution tank should be substantial to make cleaning comfortable for up to 150 square feet – but not too large as the machine becomes heavy to manoeuvre.
  • A 3-step process is implemented for faster and more efficient cleaning: spray, scrub, extract. Ensure that the machine you select is adept at all these tasks.
  • Your chosen machine should work well for tackling pet stains and other deeply- embedded odours.
  • Make sure you can pack it away neatly when not in use. Another space saving tip is to select foldable parts for convenience of storage.
  • Brushes should be easy to clean and water tanks quick to remove and re-install.
  • Does your chosen carpet cleaner have electric motors? If so it will be the strongest in its class. One motor takes care of stroking the surface and the other handles the circulation system.
  • Check the cleaning width of your industrial hoover. Some models feature built-in indicators which monitor water and solution levels, so you can refill the unit precisely when needed.
  • Does it come with additional accessories? Handheld cleaners and extension hoses are useful for reaching tricky spots.
  • Check for a warranty – you should get at least 1 year and the guarantee must cover every single part and accessory of the carpet cleaner.