Time for a spring clean - what machines are best for outdoor cleaning?

It’s that time again. The blossom is out and the chocolate eggs are a distant memory. What was that thing you forgot to do during the Easter break? Oh yes, the spring cleaning. You may have been too busy scoffing eggs to get round to it at home but at work you have no choice. Employees, customers and inspectors do not consider chocolate-guzzling a good enough excuse for a mucky workspace. Indoors and outdoors – it’s time to get scrubbing.

Your outdoor area is your shop window. It’s crucial to keep it spotless to create the right impression. If your cleanliness isn’t tip top, your business’ reputation will suffer.

Regular cleaning of car parks, forecourts and entrances is non-negotiable. Not only for appearances but for health and safety. Dirty or sticky surfaces increase the likelihood of accidents and areas where the public or your workforce tread regularly must be cleaned with particular care. Bear in mind your duty of care when planning your business priorities.

If you are a retailer selling outdoor products you have a particular responsibility to keep your stock clean. You won’t sell much if it’s filthy – let’s be honest.

What is the ideal industrial cleaning equipment to use on your outdoor areas?

You should consider the size of your area. If it’s too large for manual sweeping, ICE is the place to come for heavy duty commercial sweepers designed for outdoor use and suited to the whims of our unpredictable British weather.

Industrial cleaning equipment has the capacity to collect large volumes of heavy waste and the machines are multifunctional, ergonomically enhanced and economical to operate.

Many of our outdoor sweepers feature a wet sweep bypass, for use in the rain.

For large outdoor areas and street cleaning, we recommend a ride-on sweeper which copes well with slippery surfaces due to the innovative all-wheel drive. A number of these cleaning machines operate as snow clearers as well.

The team at Industrial Cleaning Equipment is on hand to help you make decisions about the ideal outdoor sweeping machine for your premises. Contact us for a chat – our experienced staff is always happy to help.