Technology within the Cleaning Industry

Equipment technology

Equipment technology is becoming increasingly important in the market, and we have seen a rise in demand for machines with in-built technology that make cleaning more intelligent, interactive and easy. These machines enhance operator experience, with touchscreen video tutorials showing how to safely operate and maintain the equipment. It is also possible to set water flow, suction levels, pad/brush pressure and speed for different flooring types or zones within one site. This means the operator simply selects the zone they are cleaning, and the settings will adjust automatically.

Tracking the performance, utilisation and location of cleaning equipment is crucial within our industry. It can help businesses to reduce costs associated with machines that are under-utilised and minimises the cost and administration headache associated with equipment that can’t be located. Integrated telemetry systems within machines provide this level of detail and information which is proving invaluable, especially to businesses with equipment across a large number of sites.

Using App technology to manage cleaning equipment

When managed entirely through App technology, a number of our low-cost machines allow customers to install and manage their own cleaning equipment. The machines are delivered straight to site, with instructions on how to unbox and set up the equipment. All machine operating instructions and training videos are accessed through an App, meaning that there is no need to book time for staff training. Each operative can use the App to familiarise themselves with the operation of the equipment at a time convenient to the business.

Using technology to help solve equipment issues

Experience has taught us that over 30% of equipment breakdown calls we receive could be fixed without an engineer visit. These include blockages, squeegee replacements, and often no faults are found at all. This means that we can end up attending over 400 unnecessary jobs per week, which has a negative impact on engineer time, costs and the environment.

Using technology such as live video calls to connect on-site cleaning operatives with our helpdesk experts can help to solve these issues without the need to send an engineer.

The helpdesk specialist is able to see the machine and guide the on-site operative through a series of checks to help them solve the issue immediately. It is even possible for both the helpdesk and the cleaning operative to pause the video and annotate the screen, whilst still continuing with the voice call.

It also means that we can ensure field-based resource are visiting primary equipment issues as opposed to unnecessary calls, as well as supporting our environmental pledge to reduce carbon our footprint.

Overall, we have seen extremely positive results where on average 72% of issues have been immediately resolved during the video call. This is where our team can identify and either fix or pre-empt the required parts to avoid having to send out an engineer to site.

Technology and the future

We are for sure in a changing and developing market place, and in order to stay ahead of the times our business will continue its quest and commitment to innovation and technology development. It’s this investment in the key technology advances, both in equipment hardware and virtual know how that will help us support our customers.