Key factors in choosing a commercial pressure washer – which is right for you?

For business owners and managers, cleaning a large commercial space is a challenge. A pressure washer is usually the answer, but with so many models on the market – which should you choose?

The experienced team at Industrial Cleaning Equipment can help you decide.

Their mode of operation is reasonably simple: Water enters the machine through a tank, it is pumped and expelled under pressure, and when aimed at a surface it cleans with a hard and fast jet.

That’s the basic rule – but there’s more! Consider the following factors when selecting the best commercial pressure washer for your premises:

  • What is the size of area to be cleaned?
  • How often will it be cleaned?
  • What type of dirt will be cleaned? (Is it oil or grease?)
  • Do you use chemicals in your cleaning process?
  • Is there equipment that could be damaged by a cleaning mishap?
  • What is your access to power and water supplies?

Water pressure, water flow and temperature are crucial elements of a commercial pressure washer.

For the most effective cleaning of lager outdoor areas, a machine that offers a high water flow with lower pressure should be considered. Narrow jets are more effective for smaller areas and offer more forceful cleaning, which is ideal for really tough dirt.

Machines with variable water pressure are excellent. Achieving the right balance between pressure and flow is particularly important in areas where food or fragile goods are being prepared and could be damaged by either water or pressure.

The ideal solution is a multi-pressure system.

Access to a power supply is crucial too. Consider the area you want to cover and its proximity to power and water supplies. Trailer mounted pressure washers are ideal for larger areas due to their integrated trailer which allows you to carry a water tank with you and with the machine.

A static pressure washer is an excellent value option. It’s robust, weather-proof and lockable, so safe to leave outside all year round.

Good luck with your decision and enjoy using your new pressure washer!