Industrial Cleaning Equipment Hire Long Term Or Short Term

Keeping a clean house is the cornerstone of running a successful business, metaphorically and literally. From storage facilities to restaurants, from shopping centres to factories and from office blocks to schools, cleanliness is a key factor in smooth professional proceedings and is an essential aspect of passing inspections and keeping customers and staff safe.

You know you have to keep your building clean, but you’re not sure what the next step should be. You should consider hiring industrial cleaning equipment for your premises. It’s the ideal solution for large areas and leases can be flexible and cost effective.

But what’s the best solution - long term or short term hire?

Your business premises are large and require regular industrial cleaning, the obvious decision would be to go for long term hire, but it’s not always the most cost-effective or practical way. Short-term hire is the ideal solution for many businesses, particularly those with changing needs.

Steam cleaners, scrubbers, sweepers, pressure washers and escalator cleaners can be hired on a short term basis for a number of compelling reasons.

  • Flexibility - Short term hire is the process of hiring equipment in flexible time frames - from one day to many months. This may suit your variable business needs.
  • Seasonal business needs - Short term hire allows you to react quickly and deal with unexpected increased demand or seasonal changes. Don’t forget to book early for Christmas!
  • Financial flexibility - Short term hire can offer exceptional value as there are no long term payment conditions and of course initial lay-out is less than purchasing equipment or committing to long term hire.
  • Emergency replacement and complete service support - If your equipment is being serviced or repaired, a short term hire replacement can be the key to keeping your business operational. Short term hire also often includes delivery and instructions or training on use of the equipment.
  • Product evaluation – If you are considering changing equipment, short term hire allows you to thoroughly evaluate a specific model before committing to a long term rental or purchasing.
  • Operational change – If your business is encountering operational change, for example a relocation or renovation, short term hire of industrial cleaning equipment offers complete flexibility for you to decide when, where and how long you need the equipment.
  • Flexible contracts - You choose how long you want to hire the equipment and you can extend the hire agreement where necessary.