Commercial Cleaning Equipment Hire Long Term Or Short Term

From warehouses to retail centres, from schools to hospitals and from factories to restaurants, businesses of all sizes have one requirement in common – cleanliness. It’s imperative to keep your premises sparkling, not only for inspection purposes, but for hygiene, product and equipment maintenance and importantly, to provide your staff with a pleasant working environment.

At ICE, or Industrial Cleaning Equipment, we offer long and short term hire of commercial cleaning equipment to help you keep your premises in tip top condition. We are the UK’s largest independent provider of commercial cleaning machines and we can help guide you through the advantages of short term over long term hire and vice versa.

Long term hire – the pros

If you are the owner or manager of large premises that require regular cleaning, long term equipment hire is probably an ideal solution as the admin, including browsing and selecting your ideal equipment, financial planning and lease paperwork, is done and dusted at the outset. Select your machine, sign the forms, set up payment and go. Simple? Yes. Ideal solution? Maybe not….read on.

Short term hire – the pros

If your business has changing needs, short term industrial cleaning equipment hire of steam cleaners, sweepers, scrubbers, escalator cleaners and pressure washers may be your best way forward.

The reasons for choosing short-term hire include:

  • For changing business needs, for example renovations, relocation and different stock purchasing, you will require flexibility from your hire agreement as the time you require the equipment for may be shortened or prolonged. Flexible time frames ensure ease of hiring equipment from days to weeks or months, depending on your needs.
  • Short term hire allows for differing seasonal needs including unexpected changes in demand for a product or winter cleaning for heaver, muddier footfall in your premises.
  • Service support and replacement is often covered in short term lease hire agreements, ensuring that your business can continue to operate seamlessly with quick and efficient replacements should a machine become faulty. It can often include training and assembly as well as delivery and collection.
  • Try it and see! Short term hire allows you to test a model for a short period of time and if it’s not working for you, you can switch it up without the restrictions of a long term lease.
  • Exceptional value is one of the reasons short term commercial cleaning equipment hire is so popular. No vast initial outlay and no long term payment conditions. Suits us!